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Megatech was established in 2007 and is one of Pakistan's leading GPS-based tracking and telematics solution providers. We help individuals and organizations in securing their mobile and fixed assets and improve operational efficiency by deploying state-of-the-art telematics systems and solutions.

Our highly experienced and customer-obsessed team of professionals operates 24/7 to provide you with peace of mind in managing your assets and saving time and money. Megatech is a logistically simple, technologically advanced telematics company that serves its clients with consummate professionalism

Megatech Communications (Pvt.) Ltd, the predecessor to Megatech Trackers (Pvt.) Ltd started operations in 1992 and became a market leader in developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing micro-processor-based telecommunication equipment. Worked closely with Pakistan Army and is proud to have computerized the National election results (1993) for the 1st time in Pakistan.

‘Established in 2007 Megatech is one of the leading GPS-based tracking and telematics solution providers in Pakistan’

Best Features



In House Software Development

Megatech trackers provide a completely customizable solution to its clients because of its in-house build software. The information, reporting, graphical representation of the data, report adjustments, and presentation of data is fully customizable according to the need and requirement of business and individuals.

24/7 Customer Support

Megatech Trackers Customer support is 24/7 available for the service of its valuable clients. Customer support at Megatech trackers caters the assistance in planning, installation, training for usage of services, troubleshooting problems, maintenance, complaints, and all the aspects of tracking and Fleet Management to ensure a smooth experience for customers.

24/7 Vigilance / Monitoring

Control rooms are vital for organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor multiple information streams and make accurate mission-critical decisions regarding individual vehicles and fleet Management as well. Control room representatives at Megatech trackers are available 24/7 all around the year for customer assistance regarding vehicle fence clearances, late-night ignition alerts, on-call locations, secure parking, and mainly catering the snatch and theft cases.

Customized Solution

Megatech trackers and telematics focuses on providing solutions as per the requirement and feasibility of customers that’s why we provide complete customized options for customers. We focus on developing products for clients focusing on their needs and requirements. Solutions can be customized on basis of notification options, reporting formats, graphical representations, and many more.

Smart Fleet Management Solutions

Megatech trackers provide a platform for organizations to monitor and manage fleet management solutions. Advanced fleet solutions at Megatech trackers include video monitoring, fuel monitoring, vehicle maintenance module, driver profiling, supply chain, temperature monitoring, and many more customized features.

Customer Obsessed team

Megatech trackers have a high-performance work team that is goal-focused with specialized expertise and complementary skills that collaborate, innovate, and produce consistently superior results. The team at Megatech trackers relentlessly pursues performance excellence through shared goals, shared leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations, group operating rules, early conflict resolution, and a strong sense of accountability and trust among its clients.

R & D

Along with rapidly evolving technologies, fast-changing consumer preferences, accelerated product cycles, and the practical realities of globalized operations and markets, R&D departments are under unprecedented strain. Megatech majorly focuses on providing an immense focus on research and development to innovate and launch new products that are for the betterment of society as well.

API Integration

Megatech trackers and telematics processes requests and ensure seamless functioning of enterprise systems. We at Megatech enable interaction between data, applications, and devices, deliver data, and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs

Geographical Reach

Megatech provides nationwide tracking and recovery assistance. With an installation hub in more than 20 stations all over Pakistan, a head office in Karachi, and branch offices in Rawalpindi and Lahore.


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Megatech trackers provide a complete customizable solution to its clients because of its in-house build software.



What Client's Say?

Safety is always number one priority for Unilever Pakistan, we are always working for continuous improvement and digitisation of the Ecosystem; MegatechTrackers, our long standing partner, has taken this challenge to not only help our employees but also help Unilever to further strengthen the system through detailed analysis and reporting.

Salik Kamran
Unilever National Safety manager Pakistan

A warm thank you to Megatech Trackers for their prompt coordination with security agencies for timely recovery of my vehicle. I recommend everyone to experience Megatech Trackers outstanding services.

Waseem Tariq
Megatech Valued Customer

I personally recommend Megatech Trackers super services to all my friends, their swift action and efforts helped me recover my stolen vehicle.

Chaudhry Basit Ali
Megatech Valued Customer

I recommend you to experience Megatech Trackers wonderful services, even in strict lockdown situation they are available 24/7 for securing our vehicles. Thanks for helping me in timely recovery of my Vehicle.

Ali Raza
Megatech Valued Customer