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Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

  • Fuel sensor
  • Calculate average fuel consumption
  • Average mileage report with sensor
  • Date vise fuel report
  • Mobile application
  • Fuel filling report
  • Fuel theft alert
  • Current fuel level in tank
  • Measure precise volumes of fuel tank refill
  • Prevent fuel theft from tank

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Benefits of Fuel Monitoring

Higher Transparency of Fuel Costs Accounting

Fuel monitoring systems provide additional oversight that not only allows you to manage the movement of fuel but also leads to a great impact in your expense. Fuel level monitoring helps fleets to determine precise volumes and exact places of fuel tank refilling, combining that information with fuel bills. This can provide fleet manager clarity in regards to the accurate fuel consumption and minimize the chance of forge fuel billing and fuel theft.

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring

Increased Fuel Economy And Optimized Fuel Cost

Indirect “measurement” of fuel use (i.e. by decrease of fuel level in tank), preventing theft from fuel tank, excluding fraud attempts with sales slips all that helps fleets to implement fuel economy measures, and thus reduce company’s fuel expense.

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring

Extended Lifetime Of Fuel System And Lower Maintenance Costs

Mixing high-quality fuel with extraneous liquids (water, alcohol, used engine oil) leads to early engine breakdown and high costs for repair. That can be eliminated by detecting and alerting fuel quality change, what can be done by fuel monitoring system

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring

Eliminated Fuel Theft From Tank

Fuel volume measurement allows detecting date, time and volume of fuel siphoning and helps to prevent unwanted attempts of fuel drain in future.

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring

Improve Data Accuracy

You can get the data that is traveled by the fleet and calculate the amount of fuel consumed is generated by fuel monitoring systems. Therefore, you can also save the data for later analysis with the help of an automated fuel control system.

Genset Fuel Monitoring

Megatech trackers and telematics provide a solution that is efficient and effective to monitor the working and fuel consumption of generators. Fuel monitoring in generators provides data related to the performance voltage, fuel consumption level, fuel theft, fuel refill information, run hours, genset on and off notifications. The reporting can be customized as per the requirement. The device can even track the movement, transfer of generator and track their location via GPS system.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

24×7 Monitoring

Provides 24/7 real time data extraction and reports regarding the generators. Real time monitoring provides the instant insight of fuel consumption and other functionalities related to voltage and electricity utilized.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

GenSet On/Off Alert

Notify when the generator is on and off. Notification can be via email, real time dash board, sms also in Mobile application as per the customer.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Theft/Leakage Reporting

Fuel monitoring indicates regarding the excess utilization and leakage of fuel. Fuel volume measurement allows detecting date, time and volume of fuel siphoning and helps to prevent unwanted attempts of fuel drain in future.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Filling Report

Provides a complete insight with reference to date and time that how much fuel and when was it filled with reference to the location. That provides an administrative advantage to monitor the finances with accuracy.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Cap Open/Close Alert

Notification on every opening and closing of fuel tank. This specification prevents the fuel theft and siphoning from generator fuel.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

Movement Monitoring

The complete fuel monitoring system is supported by GPS device, that also provides the location and fetch real time data. Due to GPS system we can also monitor the movement of the generator and also build geo fencing.

Benefits of GENSET Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Data

Fuel monitoring in genset provide data regarding fuel consumption from fuel tank.

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