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Load Monitoring

The onset of Internet of Things in the transportation and logistics segment has revolutionized the way fleets are handled. Its advent has made it possible for fleet companies to keep a live track of their load-distributing vehicles and manage end-to-end fleet operations from a few clicks or taps on smartphones. While the applications and benefits of IoT in the transportation sector are immense, one application that especially stands out is weight monitoring. As the name suggests, this Module allow fleet companies to track the weight of on-road trucks from far-off locations in real-time, while they carry cargo to their respective locations.

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General Features

  • Easy calibration
  • Accurate weight of the total load and distribution
  • Avoid overloads or dangerous distribution on the vehicle load
  • Documentation of the work performed
  • Wireless transmission of weight data
  • Accuracy better than 2.5% of max weight
  • Driver alerts when the vehicle is over 100% on max load

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is one of the major concerns in the logistics vertical. Even in countries where transportation businesses are at their peaks, cargo theft is a big issue. The advanced technical architecture of the IoT system, allow companies to collect real-time data associated with the weight of their trucks while they carry loads on roads. The weight sensors affixed on their axles, measure the weight and transfers it via gateways on a cloud server, from where the weight of the truck can be monitored and supervised in real-time.

  • Idle time
  • Mileage Violations

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Real-Time Alerts

Since the weight data is ingested in real-time, vehicle weight monitoring systems can also be customized to gain alerts and notifications as soon as a discrepancy occurs. By setting up threshold and tolerance values, a range can be defined; outside which an alert is sent to the fleet operatives to alarm them about a decrease in truck’s weight; indicating a possibility of theft. The operative can then communicate with the truck driver and solve the issue as soon as possible.

Better than Manual Weight Measurement

Traditionally, weighbridges are used to measure the weight of the truck along with the cargo it carries. While it is effective to take accurate one-time weight measurement of the truck, it doesn’t offer clear visibility of the live truck’s weight reading while it is moving. Vehicle load monitoring measurement allows users to keep a track of truck’s weight at all times that makes it perfect to protect the goods from theft.

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