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Temperature Monitoring

  • Vehicle temperature monitoring.
  • Cold chain, warehouse temperature monitoring

Megatech Temperature monitoring supports businesses needing an uninterrupted refrigerated distribution of goods, perishable items such as food supplies and vaccine couriers. Temperature sensor fitted to any refrigerated or frozen vehicle can transmit continuous temperature readings to the GPS tracking device. The device relays this temperature data directly to your vehicle tracking system, together with broader details of the vehicle’s activity, providing a complete overview of fleet operations.

Temperature sensor provides to set a threshold to get alerts and live temperature updates if the temperature drops or rises. Opting for temperature sensor provides customers peace of mind their temperature sensitive goods are delivered in-tact and in good condition.

Temperature monitoring system can be deployed on a range of vehicles, trailers and buildings to ensure temperature-controlled goods are handled correctly and remain in the right condition.


  • Hourly temperature Report.
  • Threshold Report
  • Compliance Report


Achieve Complete Visibility of Temperatures & Humidity Levels

Temperature monitoring uses sensors integrated with tracking solution to deliver full visibility of temperature-controlled assets.


Address Issues to Avoid Losses

Real-time data provides customer with information that goods are being transported correctly with live monitoring along with the temperature details. Information can be viewed via our Portal with dedicated reports and alert functionality. Customers can then trigger an issue related to temperature and vehicle monitoring at the earliest to avoid losses.

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