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Vehicle Maintenance Module

Fleet management includes keeping track of dozens of tasks and timelines. Megatech Trackers Vehicle Maintenance Module helps keep you on schedule–and helps keep your riders safe and on time. With the Vehicle fleet management Module one can set mileage parameters, create vehicle service requests, and add approved vendors for services.

Benefits you’ll notice immediately include:

  • Improved passenger safety
  • Decreased emissions to help you meet requirements and improve local air quality
  • Improved gas mileage for lower fuel costs
  • Decrease or eliminate preventable maintenance-related incidents


Fleet Maintenance Module Reports

  • Schedule Services
  • Completed services
  • Service notification
  • Stock in inventory
  • Maintenance calendar
  • Purchase order
  • Repair request

Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance Module

Automated Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Vehicle fleet maintenance software allows an organization to schedule regular maintenance tasks in advance and in accordance with business requirements. This scheduling capability allows a company to minimize the inconvenience of downtime for a given vehicle. Fleet maintenance Module ensures that preventive maintenance is performed on time, keeping your vehicles in peak operating condition and minimizing unexpected repairs.

Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance Module

Vehicle Maintenance Logs

Should an unexpected breakdown occur with equipment that is a part of your organization’s fleet, the availability of vehicle maintenance logs retained in fleet maintenance Module can be an invaluable resource. This will allow a maintenance technician or outside mechanic to understand in the current status of all aspects of a vehicle in full detail. This will lead to increased efficiency in making repairs and a subsequent reduction in downtime for the vehicle.

Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance Module

Easily Integrate New Vehicles into Your Fleet

The existing maintenance schedule for any vehicle in your fleet can be copied and applied to any newly purchased vehicles. This will significantly reduce the time required to incorporate a new vehicle into your fleet and input information about the new vehicle into your fleet maintenance Module.

Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance Module

Consolidated Warranty Data

Warranties extend far beyond only the vehicles themselves. The truth is that nearly every part of a vehicle has a warranty of one kind or another. Without fleet maintenance management software, maintaining so much warranty information can be daunting. The task of keeping track of equipment warranties is far more manageable if you utilize vehicle fleet maintenance management software. Beyond data collection, the software can be programmed to automatically notify any relevant stakeholders that a warranty is expired or near expiration.

Benefits of Vehicle Maintenance Module

Real-Time Visibility of All Data

Vehicle fleet maintenance management software gives management team real-time access to up-to-date data on the fleet. This will allow the management team to make the necessary adjustments to maintenance tasks, increase accountability, and stay connected to the data they need.

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